World Turtle Day!

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START TIME: 23/05/2017 08:00
FINISH: 23/05/2017 20:00

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World Turtle Day!

Celebrate World Turtle Day by hosting a TEAM TURTLE micro clean up.

You see, our beautiful turtles need our help. All species of marine turtle are listed as endangered and their future is not looking bright. Some of the biggest threats they face are warming oceans and beaches, plastic ingestion, commercial fishing bycatch, feral predation of nesting sites and human consumption.

So what can you do?

Well, we reckon if you take a really quick look around you, you'll find rubbish really easily. So why not grab your friends and do a quick micro-cleanup. It won't take you long to grab a bag and pick up some rubbish right in your local area or around your school. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, Selfie!

1. Grab a bag

2. Pick up the rubbish you see

3. Do a quick sort to see what you've collected

4. Take a pic, share to your social with #teamturtle

That way we can share the amazing work you've done to help our turtles.

So what else can you do for our turtle friends:

1. Choose Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood to ensure your fish is caught with sustainability at front and centre.

2. Choose renewable energy suppliers such as Powershop for your energy. This will reduce the impacts of climate change.

3. Use less single use plastic in your daily life. Shopping bags, water bottles, coffee cups are easy to change over to renewables. And don't forget to say no to straws - that's what your lips are for!

4. If you see it pick it up - rubbish lying around will definitely end up in our oceans and choking our marine life.

Whatever you do, be sure to let us know via social media with #teamturtle. And if you're really keen send us an article with image and we'll post it to the Ocean Youth + SEA LIFE Trust blogs!

Happy World Turtle Day!


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